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This scholarship is in remembrance of the late Mr. Hunter, an 8th-grade teacher that taught more than just science. As a teenager, Mr. Hunter attended Central High School in Memphis, TN. Upon high school, he attended the University of Tennessee at Martin where he studied and pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He was a mentor, father figure, friend, and advisor to his students, colleagues, & peers. He not only believed in the fundamentals of education but mastering overall peace in life, including socializing. Edward was very social-able, he networked with any and everyone. He never made an excuse of why he could not achieve his goals; rather, he just took the necessary steps to achieve them. He definitely believed in work before pleasure. However, he believed that there was more to life than just acquiring knowledge. Meaning, your character, and hard work could get you further than your intellect. He instilled within his students the vital characteristics of motivation, dedication, and determination that should be used to achieve anything. He believed in experiencing the rollercoaster of life to the fullest, along with taking life lessons throughout the ride.

This book scholarship initiative is open to every high school student within Shelby County OR Mobile County high school district that wishes to pursue a college degree. Although a high grade point averages (GPAs) are expected when entering college, the criteria of sustaining a high GPA was excluded to remove the excuse for not applying to this book scholarship. Mr. Hunter believed in his students and gave all of them a chance; therefore, this scholarship is to give every student a chance. Every day, someone has an excuse of why goals and dreams cannot be fulfilled, ranging from starting a business, going to school, or obtaining a GED/ diploma. What does excuses mean to you, and how do you choose to ignore them? What the impact of mentorship and the importance of maintaining positive, healthy well-being?

“Excuses are tools of the incompetent and monuments of nothing and bridges to nowhere.”

– Anonymous.

Our Mission:

The mission of No Excuses Initiative (NEI) is to stress the significance of utilizing ZERO excuses to high school and  incoming freshman students that desire to reach for his/ her desired goals. It is in our hopes that the students understand in reality that the road to success can be rigorous and, seemingly, impossible. However, there should be ZERO excuses made during those times of conflicting situations. In return, NEI encourages the students to learn the fundamentals of enjoying all stages and phases of life, and especially during his or her high school and undergraduate career.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this organization is to supply first semester college students with monetary supplements that will help purchase books. This is to help alleviate some of the burdens when entering college, such as purchasing books. We also are passionate in mentoring the youth by guiding them through modern day issues with healthy solutions and exposure to diversity outside of their common community.

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